GEO5 Geotechnical Software Suite

GEO5 geotechnical software suite originates from the birthplace of Karl Terzaghi, 'the father of soil mechanics'. GEO5 is a user-friendly, modular software suite for addressing common geotechnical problems. Because of its simplicity, for over 20 years it has been beloved worldwide by geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers and other professionals who need to analyze problems in the geotechnical field quickly. GEO5 offers two approaches to solving problems – analytical and numerical. Check out YouTube GEO5 Tutorials.

One softlock key is included with a purchase of any program or combination of programs and will be emailed to new users. If a user prefers a hardlock key instead, or the combination of keys, they need to purchase the key(s) separately.

Subscribe to Annual Maintenance

We highly recommend subscribing to annual maintenance which includes technical expert support, all regular updates and annual upgrades - new versions. The price of subscription is 15% of the price of all purchased licenses excluding discounts, except the very first year when the subscription may be lower. Check out GEO5 list of updates and upgrades.

Developed By

GEO5 is developed by an extraordinary group of dedicated professionals at Fine spol. s r.o.