Licensing key

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First time GEO5 software users need to license their software. Below are listed available licensing options.

Local license

A local license is offered in one of two forms, as a softlock key or as a hardlock key. If no licensing key is ordered, a softlock key will be delivered (default option). The first softlock key is free of charge. If a hardlock key is preferred, it needs to be ordered (click on Add To Cart button above). A majority of GEO5 users need only one key, either softlock or hardlock.

The softlock key (code) is commonly activated and delivered via email within 24 hours.

The hardlock key (dongle) is commonly delivered via mail within two to four business days. 

Softlock key

With a softlock key, also known as a node-lock, GEO5 software can only be used on a single computer onto which a softlock key (code) is entered. An advantage of a software key is that there is no dongle to keep track of. The softlock can be transferred to another computer (e.g. a new computer) by following Software Key Rehost process. A softlock key can be converted to a hardlock key (charged separately). 

Hardlock key

With a hardlock key, you may install licensed GEO5 programs on an arbitrary number of computers, and share the hardlock key among them. The programs will work in fully functional mode on a computer to which the hardlock key is connected. On other machines, GEO5 will work in demo mode. 

Network license (hardlock only)

A network license is available only via a hardlock key and is used mostly by large organizations. With multiple purchased licenses, the network key allows users on the same network to use GEO5 programs concurrently. Commonly, the hardlock key is attached to a network server (a real one or virtual), but it may be attached to any computer visible by other computers running GEO5 programs on the same network.